Hey Ladies!

For a lot of you, this past week has been… nutty. A lot of you have approached me or told me about what’s going on in your lives this week and I have to say, a lot has happened. I see God challenging a lot of you guys to trust Him in a more real way than ever, and I’m excited to see you guys rise to the occasion. That being said, a lot of the situations you guys are in are hard, scary, awkward, uncomfortable, and troubling, and I don’t mean to downplay that at all. I can never fully understand how you’re feeling, but I believe that every one of your situations has been given to you specifically by God for a reason. Like it says in Psalm 118 “This is the day that the LORD has made”. God made this day and has given you exactly the amount of Grace you need to get through it. Tomorrow he will give you what you need, but he will not give you grace today that you need tomorrow. That means you have every day exactly what you need to do God’s will, and tomorrow you will be given the same, but looking at your situation today wondering how it will work out tomorrow is like looking at your homework for next month and wondering how this week’s lessons will help you complete it – they won’t! Those lessons will come next month. That’s why the homework is due after those lessons. Remember – His mercies are new every day. So what I want every single one of you to do is let go of the big picture of how your life should be or what the end goal is – and follow God step by tiny step. He will give you what you need right now. That’s a promise.


Lord, I am sure that there is in me nothing that could attract the love of One as holy and as just as You are.Yet You have declared Your unchanging love for me in Christ Jesus. If nothing in me can win Your love, nothing in the universe can prevent You from loving me. Your love is uncaused and undeserved. You are Yourself the reason for the love wherewith I am loved. Amen. –A.W. Tozer

Lord, I am overcome with feelings and emotions I cannot understand. I know that what I ask for you will do, so Lord I pray that if the feeling I have are from you, that you would let them grow and give them meaning. I pray you would use them to guide me to do your will. And I pray that if these feelings are of the world and are not from you that you would let them fall to the ground. Be faithful to your promise to provide for me and lead me out of darkness. I am forever your servant. Master, help me do your will alone. Amen.


Psalm 118

Ephesians 2: 1-10

Psalm 40

1 Kings 19: 1-13



“If I had the power of God, I would change many things; if I had the wisdom of God I wouldn’t change anything”

“An adventure is, by its nature, a thing that comes to us.It is a thing that chooses us, not a thing that we choose.” — GK Chesterton

Alright ladies, I hope this helps. Again, no need to read it all or any of it, but I wrote this with each of your individual situations in mind. Please tell me about your lives whenever possible! I love to be kept in the loop, and it affects what I post for y’all. So if you ever need advice, prayer, someone to listen, please text/call/email me any time of the day or night. I woud drop everything to be there for you guys, even if you feel like your problems aren’t big, if they are causing your relationship with God to be stressed or worsened, they are big enough problems for me! Your relationship with God is more important to me than any grade, commitment, boy, or sleep (and I love me some sleep). Thanks for being so strong, I am amazed by you all, and I can’t wait to watch how you grow and change into leaders on this campus! Finish the race, keep the faith.



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